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4 Weeks To Read System

Learning Dynamics Reading System is listed by the kidSAFE Seal Program.

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There are a lot of free apps and online programs that are billed as “reading preparedness” or “reading apps,” but 4 Weeks To Read has proven to teach thousands of children how to read over 20 years.

Studies show that digital teaching tools are not an effective replacement for real, physical books. 4 Weeks To Read is verified by studies at the University of Oregon and the International Educational Institute.

More importantly, it is loved by moms and dads just like you. Get the entire program for only $99.99 today!

Every 4 Weeks To Read System Comes With:

  • Includes 55 individual lessons that just take 15 minutes to complete
  • Covers short and long sound of each letter, two-vowel rule, blending and digraphs
  • Lessons present each letter, a reward for your child as the master the lesson and the use of song to reinforce concepts
  • 53 real full-color books are the key to the 4 Weeks to Read System
  • Each book is designed to help your child achieve success by only presenting concepts they just learned
  • Your child will read their first book in just 4 weeks – we guarantee it.
  • The 4 Weeks To Read Program comes with 34 songs that tie into each specific lesson
  • Stream the music through our Parents App or SoundCloud®.
  • Music helps to reinforce the letter-sound relationship, then connect it to the letter-shape
  • At the end of each lesson, there is a short activity to engage the visual and tactile learning centers
  • Your child will color, draw, and explore the letter shape and begin to write on their own
  • Each letter comes with a corresponding character punchouts for each letter
  • Use these to reward your child after each lesson and help each child take ownership of concepts as they learn
  • The first set of flashcards help teach specific letter correlations and help teach its specific sound in isolation
  • The second set work in conjunction with the books to connect the characters and letters together as they master letter concepts
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What can 4 Weeks to Read Do For You.

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4 Weeks To Read System


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How is Learning Dynamics better?

    Learning Dynamics Reading consistently outperforms other curriculums by getting kids motivated to learn. With our system of teaching short, systematic, and engaging lessons, kids learn decoding, proper phonemic awareness, and immediate application through the appropriate books of only what they have learned up to that point. Learning Dynamics is the only program that provides books that contain only the material they have learned up to that point. Kids’ confidence stays high, and they believe they can do it. Each child will end up with their own library of books that they keep, and this helps them to quickly take ownership and gain excitement for learning. Check out our comparison page to read more about how our program is better.

  • Work with children with learning disabilities?

    Because of the simplicity of the program and the methodology, we have seen success with children of all abilities. However, we do understand that every child and development is definitely different. We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee that we are happy to extend to give you more time to fully try the program. To extend the warranty please email with your order # to submit this request.

  • Do you have the music available to download?

    Yes! You can download the digital version of the music here.

  • If I have never been a teacher, what training is necessary?

    Learning Dynamics was created with the parent in mind. Whether you are a credentialed teacher or a stay-at-home mom, anyone can follow and teach this simple program. Each lesson is structured in a very easy-to-follow manner with everything you need.

  • Can I use this for multiple children?

    Yes! We recommend you purchase the complete system, and an extra workbook per additional child using the program. That way they only need to share the books and flashcards but have their own activity pages and rewards.

  • How does the program ship to me?

    We ship the program via USPS, and orders typically ship within 1-3 business days. There is also a 3-day shipping option available for an additional fee at checkout.