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This is a complete system that comes with everything you need to teach your child how to read.

All for Just $99.99USD
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What's Included:

Lesson Manual

The lesson manual contains 55 individual lessons & tells you everything you need to do to get your little reader started. Each lesson is less than 15 minutes. The lessons present each letter, reward your child as they master a concept, and use songs to reinforce concepts.

53 Full-Color Books

The 53 full-color books are one of the most important parts of the Learning Dynamics Reading System. Physical books do something that no app could ever do: provide a physical book that builds confidence and ownership. Each book is designed to help your little reader achieve success by only presenting the concepts that they have just learned. Your child will read their first book in just 4 weeks. We guarantee it. The Learning Dynamic System will then take them through four different reading levels until they master over 50 books.

34 Songs - Music CD & Online Access

The Learning Dynamics Reading System comes with music streaming on SoundCloud & a CD of 33 letter-sound songs & one alphabet song to review every day. Each lesson is connected with a specific song to help the child learn and repeat the letter-sound, then connect it with the letter-shape. The songs can also be used in the car or at home to review previous lessons. We apologize in advance because your kids are going to sing the songs again and again.

Activity Book / Workbook

At the end of each lesson, there is a short activity to engage the visual and tactile learning centers of your child’s brain. They will color, draw, and explore the letter shape and begin to write on their own as well.

Letter Rewards

Each letter comes with a corresponding character. The Learning Dynamics Reading System comes with character punchouts for each letter your child learns. Use these to reward your child after each lesson. The rewards help each child take ownership of concepts as they learn them.


The Learning Dynamics flashcards are an important part of teaching specific letter correlation. The lesson manual will show you how and when to use the flashcards to isolate a letter and teach its specific sound. You get a second set of flashcards in conjunction with the books to connect the characters in the books with the letters that they have mastered.

Everything Above For Just $99.99

There are a lot of free apps and online programs that are billed as “reading preparedness” or “reading apps,” but Learning Dynamics has proven to teach thousands of children how to read over 30 years. Studies show that digital teaching tools are not an effective replacement for real, physical books. Learning Dynamics is verified by studies at the University of Oregon and the International Educational Institute. More importantly, it is loved by moms and dads just like you.

"The Learning Dynamics Reading System ... is as good or better than the best reading curriculum [teachers] have ever used."

— Ken Harvey, Ph. D. International Education Institute

Parents Love Learning Dynamics

“My son began to read after only 3 weeks on your program with a mere 15 minutes a day, 3 times a week. Learning Dynamics Reading System has given me the privilege of giving my son one of the best gifts I have ever, and probably will ever give him: the gift of words.”

Mary, Illinois

”I purchased the Learning Dynamics Reading System when my son turned 4. My husband and I both have demanding, high-pressure careers, in addition to parenting, and I am also in graduate school. With all free time being very precious and valuable, it is important to balance the family time with fun and learning. Learning Dynamics has made this possible!“

Lilli, Virginia

”My mother-in-law purchased the Learning Dynamics Reading System for my 5-year-old. The program was fantastic and we had awesome results in just a few months.“

Michele, Georgia