Your child will love learning math with 15 Minute Math!

15 Minute Math


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Meets standards of mathematics set by the National Council of Teachers for children between preschool and second grade.

Why 15 Minute Math?

Knowing basic math unlocks a world of possibilities. Your child will learn and understand the value of numbers, then perform basic addition and subtraction. Easy-to-teach lessons include stickers, cut-outs, and activities that make learning math fun!

Our 15 Minute Math program was designed in accordance with standards set by the National Council of Teachers to prepare children for excellence in numbers, operations, and computations. No other program on the market can math better than 15 Minute Math.

Your child will love math and be prepared for a lifetime of academic success. Get the entire 15 Minute Math program for only $49.99 today!

Perfect for ages 3–7.

Each 15 Minute Math system comes with:

Lesson Manual
  • Includes 55 individual lessons
  • Covers numbers 1–20 as well as basic math and addition
  • Lessons include hands-on learning that connects the number with its value
  • Includes 123 pages packed with activities
  • Features stickers that engage children in each lesson
  • Each number comes with a corresponding character punch-out
  • Punch-out character rewards provide motivation and help children feel proud of learning new concepts
  • The first set of flashcards teaches the values of numbers 1–20
  • The second set of flashcards connects the values of numbers with basic addition and subtraction concepts
Demonstration mats
  • Encourage hands-on learning with our demonstration mat. Math problems become easy to solve with the help of tactile engagement.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What will my child be able to do by the end of the program?

    Your child will learn and understand each numbers 1-20, its order, and the value of that number. Then your child will learn to perform basic addition and subtraction.

  • How does it work?

    15 Minute Math works by giving your child a solid foundation of each number, its order, and most importantly, the value attached to each number. This is critical in order to properly understand how to add and subtract. Once children understand the value attached to each number, addition and subtraction become easy!

    15 Minute math also utilizes tactile learning, rewards, and fun activities in order to keep your child motivated, engaged, and full of confidence.

  • What is included?

    Each 15 Minute Math kit includes:
    - Parent lesson manual with 55 individual lessons
    - 123-page activity book packed with activities and stickers
    - Character punch-out rewards
    - 2 sets of flashcards
    - 5 demonstration mats

  • Does this program meet educational standards?

    Our 15 Minute Math program was designed in accordance with standards set by the National Council of Teachers to prepare children for excellence in numbers, operations, and computations.

  • How is 15 Minute Math better than other math programs?

    Many programs teach the order of numbers, but miss out on connecting the value of each number. For example, many children know how to count out loud, but if you ask them to count actual objects, they don’t know how many there are because they don’t understand each number has a value. This especially becomes a problem when they try to begin adding and subtracting.

    15 Minute Math will help your child understand both order AND value, providing them a solid base to begin addition and subtraction. 15 Minute Math then uses tactile learning to help reinforce these concepts.

    Most importantly, 15 Minute Math was developed by actual teachers in the classroom, who understand how children actually learn and how they are motivated. We took all of these learnings and wrapped it into this program that will increase your child’s confidence and keep them motivated and engaged.

  • Who is this program appropriate for?

    Whether your child hasn’t learned any numbers yet, or already knows numbers but is struggling with addition and subtraction, 15 Minute Math is here to help! This generally fits for children from preschool through second grade.

  • Can I use this for multiple children?

    Yes! Nearly the whole program can be used with another child. The only item you would need in order to reuse the complete program would be a second student activity book. While we do not have separate math activity books available for purchase yet, we hope to have these available in the near future.

  • If I’ve never been a teacher, what training is necessary?

    15 Minute Math was created with the parent in mind. Anyone can follow and teach this simple program. Each lesson is structured in a very easy-to-follow manner with everything you need.

  • Is there a money-back guarantee on the program?

    Absolutely! You may return your program for any reason for a full refund within 30 days of receiving the program. Send us an email at and we’ll take care of you.

  • I noticed there are 5 different demonstration mats - how do I know which one to use?

    You’ll notice there are 5 different demonstration mats, which help tell a story for the child to understand the math problems. These mats also provide the child a way to learn math through tactile engagement. Once you start reading the math story in a given lesson, simply pick the demonstration mat that fits the context of the story.