Parents & Teachers Love the Learning Dynamics Reading Program!

“I love Learning Dynamics! I have used this with my 3 oldest children. All of my kids were able to sound out simple words when they were 3 and thanks to this program one of my daughters could read on a 2nd-grade level by the time she started Kindergarten.”

— Kristina Eich

Teachers and Principals across the country have discovered how the Learning Dynamics Reading System can dramatically improve the reading rates of their students - in as little as 4 weeks! The Learning Dynamics System simply and easily breaks down the actual mechanics of reading, unlike other reading programs. The rapid learning and early success builds the confidence of young children, which has lasting results academically.

Now the same reading system that over 400,000 students have used across 400 school districts is available to the entire country!

Parents Love Us

Teaching your child to read gives them the keys to unlock the world. When you teach your child to read, you build their confidence and grow together. As they begin to decode the world around them, you will see their progress firsthand. Teaching can begin as early as age 3, but we recommend Learning Dynamics for children 4-7 years old.

"Absolutely I would recommend it because in my opinion its the foundation of all academics."


"Being in this program helped them hit the ground running when they got into public school."


"I decided that I was going to put him in Learning Dynamics and he just blossomed."


Teachers Love Us

The Learning Dynamics Reading System has been developed and fine-tuned over 17 years in schools across the United States. See why one study said, “If kindergarteners could spend even half of their current classroom reading time on Learning Dynamics Reading curriculum … it would have a tremendous impact on reading levels in US public schools.

"I gave it to a teacher and I said just try this out and let me know what you think, a week later she was like oh my gosh we have to get this!"

Kelly Jensen

McFarland Elementary - California

"Students only have one opportunity to learn how to read and if we don't do it right....they keep falling further and further behind."

Raul Maldonad

Palmdale School District - California

“I believe Learning Dynamics is a powerful tool that really has everything in one.”

Toby Pace

San Diego Unified - California

“Learning Dynamics gave my grandchildren the confidence, the excitement, the actual enjoyment of learning to read. They want to do it. It's intrinsic motivation!”

— Stephen R. Covey

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