Teach your child one concept at a time. Introduce new ideas to keep them engaged.

The Learning Dynamics Reading system is designed to hold your child's interest while giving them a new concept right when they need it. You challenge them with a new concept each lesson, then you help them succeed in understanding it. When they do, you reward them with the included prizes directly linked the concept they have just learned.

Your Child's Road Map
In over three decades of testing and teaching, each lesson has been optimized to help every child take the next step toward reading.

Start with M - letter sounds

There is a reason why most languages have the same word for Mother. Mom, Ma, Mommi. The "m" sound is the first letter-sound that children make. You then connect the sound with words that they know, and the form of the letter "m." You reward them with the Morty Mouse punchout. Then throughout the day you recognize whenever you see or hear "m" sounds. Listening to the included music with each lesson, and throughout the day, will help reinforce the important concepts.

Over the next few days, you will teach them a few new letter-sounds, and connect them to their corresponding letter symbols. Quickly their confidence starts growing as they see letters and recognize the ones they know.


Get their motor running - blending

Most reading programs teach every single letter before moving on to full words, but after just five letters, kids are ready to start blending sounds. Most reading programs teach this all wrong, by simply telling kids to connect two letter-sounds, leaving that odd gap in speech so familiar to early readers. With Learning Dynamics, you teach them to start their mouth like a motor, making the "m" sound, then add another sound. Rather than reading a word in parts, they learn to put sounds together to form words.


Words turn into books - rewards

After learning just 8 letters, kids are hungry to put them together and read their first book. They will learn to decode the letters they read, and they are excited to see those words form meaning on a page. Watch their excitement as they earn their very own book. As they master a book, they get to keep that book. Your Learning Dynamics box is designed to form two boxes. One to keep your materials in, and another to start your child's first library. As your child works to earn books, they learn that reading is its own prize and learn the value of intrinsic rewards.


The journey doesn't end there

Over the next forty lessons your child will learn each of the letters with their corresponding sounds. You will teach the different vowel sounds, but only when they are ready. You will move at your child's pace, building their skills and confidence along the way. Reading is the key to unlocking the grownup world around us. With a solid reading foundation, Learning Dynamics will help you and your child unlock that world together.