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Every Learning Dynamics Program Comes With:

50+ Full-color books

53 Full-color books

Having 53 real, full-color books is one of the most important parts of the Learning Dynamics Reading System. Physical books do something that no app could ever do: provide a physical book that builds confidence and ownership. Each book is designed to help your little reader achieve success by only presenting the concepts that they have just learned. Your child will read their first book in just 4 weeks. We guarantee it. The Learning Dynamic System will then take them through four different reading levels until they master over 50 books.

30+ Songs - Music CD

30+ Songs - Music CD

The Learning Dynamics Reading System comes with a CD (MP3s also available) of over 30 letter-sound songs and one alphabet song to review every day. Each lesson is connected with a specific song to help the child learn and repeat the letter-sound, then connect it with the letter-shape. The songs can also be used in the car or at home to review previous lessons. We apologize in advance because your kids are going to sing the songs again and again.

Activity Book / Workbook


The Learning Dynamics flashcards are an important part of teaching specific letter correlation. The lesson manual will show you how and when to use the flashcards to isolate a letter and teach its specific sound. You get a second set of flashcards in conjunction with the books to connect the characters in the books with the letters that they have mastered.

Activity Book / Workbook

Activity Book / Workbook

At the end of each lesson, there is a short activity to engage the visual and tactile learning centers of your child’s brain. They will color, draw, and explore the letter shape and begin to write on their own as well.


Letter Rewards

Each letter comes with a corresponding character. The Learning Dynamics Reading System comes with character punchouts for each letter your child learns. Use these to reward your child after each lesson. The rewards help each child take ownership of concepts as they learn them.

Activity Book / Workbook

Lesson Manual

The lesson manual tells you everything you need to do to get your little reader started. Each lesson is less than 15 minutes. The lessons present each letter, reward your child as they master a concept, and use songs to reinforce concepts.

Learning Dynamics is the Home School Parent's Choice

  • Your child reading in just 4 weeks.
  • Over 98% success rate.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • Backed by University research.
  • Only 15 minutes per lesson.
  • 400,000+ student success stories.
  • Includes 50+ full-color books, music, workbook, flashcards, rewards, & lesson manual.

The Learning Dynamics Reading System originally started with a homeschool teacher. Over the last 20 years, the program has been used and fine-tuned in home schools and public preschool through third grade classrooms. Students who use it for only 15 minutes, three times a week are typically reading within four months of beginning the program.

Children learn letters and sounds through music and fun object lessons. As the children begin learning the letters and sounds, we teach blending concepts and they begin reading within the first 3½ weeks of beginning the program. Then we broaden the reading experience to solidify skills and build self-confidence. Learning Dynamics builds a solid reading foundation with:

  1. Phonics methodology
  2. A structured, progressive program
  3. Multi-sensory lesson activity

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How is Learning Dynamics better?

    Learning Dynamics Reading consistently outperforms other curriculums by getting kids motivated to learn. With our system of teaching short, systematic, and engaging lessons, kids learn decoding, proper phonemic awareness, and immediate application through the appropriate books of only what they have learned up to that point. Learning Dynamics is the only program that provides books that contain only the material they have learned up to that point. Kids’ confidence stays high, and they believe that can do it. Each child will end up with their own library of books that they keep, and this helps them to quickly take ownership and gain excitement for learning.

  • How much time does it take?

    The lessons are only 15-20 minutes long and taught every other day for the average child. In home school situations, a child may progress faster than the recommended schedule.

  • Who is this program appropriate for?

    Our program is for anybody. Whether you are an adult learning to read for the first time, a homeschooler, or a Pre-K reader just jumping in, the process and elements of learning to read are the same. These elements are all contained in this program.

    In home schools, this program is used in Pre-K, Kindergarten, first through third grades, special needs programs, etc

  • If I have never been a teacher, what training is necessary?

    Learning Dynamics was created with the parent in mind. Whether you are a credentialed teacher or a homeschool parent, anyone can follow and teach this simple program. Each lesson is structured in a very easy-to-follow manner with everything you need.