Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

Learning Dynamics Reading System helps children develop language and comprehension skills through activities that teach sequencing, rhyming, classification, same/different, and opposites.

They learn letters and sounds through music and fun object lessons. As the children begin learning the letters and sounds, we teach the blending concept and they begin reading words and books within the first 3½ weeks of beginning the program. Then we broaden the reading experience to solidify skills and build self-confidence.

Learning Dynamics Reading System has been used and fine-tuned in preschool through second grade classrooms for 17 years. Students who use it for only 15 minutes, three times a week, reach a beginning third grade reading level in only a few months. Learning Dynamics builds a solid reading foundation with:

  1. Phonics methodology
  2. A structured, progressive program 
  3. Multi-sensory lesson activity 

With each new letter and reading rule, children practice only what has been learned. Children gain confidence quickly and show measurable results with each lesson. They have fun with appealing games, songs, and lesson activities in an easy first reading experience.


What is included in the Learning Dynamics Reading System?

For just $99.99 you will receive…

  • Lesson Manual
  • 50+ Full- Color Books
  • 30+ Songs (CD & digital download)
  • Activity Book/Workbook
  • Letter Rewards
  • Flashcards



How is Learning Dynamics better?

Learning Dynamics Reading consistently outperforms other curriculums by getting kids motivated to learn. With our system of teaching short, systematic, and engaging lessons, kids learn decoding, proper phonemic awareness, and immediate application through the appropriate books of only what they have learned up to that point. Learning Dynamics is the only program that provides books that contain only the material they have learned up to that point. Kids’ confidence stays high, and they believe that can do it. Each child will end up with their own library of books that they keep, and this helps them to quickly take ownership and gain excitement for learning.

What type of research has been done on the program?

The Research Base was conducted by the University of Oregon

Learning Dynamics Reading is the result of a long term (and ongoing, over 30 years of classroom experience) study of kids learning to read. Learning Dynamics has been refined and improved through classroom research over the years, using a variety of teachers and student populations. In test classrooms, student reading levels are assessed regularly during the school year.

For more information, visit our research page.


Does it compliment our core program?

This program works seamlessly with any core program. It does not take anything away but simply compliments what you are currently doing. The only adjustment that is usually made is to align the way our letters and sounds are introduced with your core program.

How much time does it take?

The lessons are only 15-20 minutes long and taught every other day. For more, see our How it Works page.

If I have never been a teacher, what training is necessary?

Learning Dynamics was created with the parent in mind. Whether you are a credentialed teacher or a stay-at-home mom, anyone can follow and teach this simple program. Each lesson is structured in a very easy-to-follow manner with everything you need.

How much preparation is required?

Next to no preparation is needed. Simply follow the instructions in the parent manual for each lesson. Have the reward game pieces ready for the end of the lesson, then simply follow the manual as prompted. The activities are pre-printed in the student workbooks, so there is no need to make photocopies.

Is this common core aligned?

When this program was created over years of refinement, the “core” standards were already identified and incorporated into the program. This program meets every common core standard.

Learn more about Learning Dynamics for schools on our educators page.

Who is this program appropriate for?

Our program is for anybody. Whether you are an adult learning to read for the first time or a Pre-K reader just jumping in, the process and elements of learning to read are the same. These elements are all contained in this program. However, we understand this program is designed for the primary grades. In the event of an older child looking to learn, we often use them as a “reading tutor,” and they can learn by going through the process with the younger child.

In the public schools, this program is used in Pre-K, Kindergarten, first grade, special needs programs, second grade intervention programs, etc.

When do we need to begin this program?

This program is so simple to use and implement, with results seen right away. You can implement this program any time of the year. We have many school districts and individuals introduced to Learning Dynamics late in the year that are still able to achieve great results.  

Who do I contact if my order is lost?

Send us an email at and we’ll get you all taken care of.

Is there a money back guarantee on the program?

Absolutely! You may return your program for any reason for a full refund within 30 days of receiving the program. 

How do I get a refund through the program’s 30-day guarantee?

Send us an email at and we’ll get you all taken care of. The customer is responsible for shipping fees associated with returns. 

How does the program ship to me?

We ship the program via USPS. You can expect it to arrive within 7 to 10 business days once the order is placed.


Is there a payment option available? 

Yes, you can now select the option to finance your program at checkout for 4 easy payments of $25. 


When will my program ship if I select the payment plan option?

Your program will ship within 1-3 business days of making your first payment.