Schools across the country are improving their literacy rates with learning dynamics.

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“Learning Dynamics gave my grandchildren the confidence, the excitement, the actual enjoyment of learning to read. They want to do it. It's intrinsic motivation!”

-Stephen Covey

“Learning Dynamics Reading methodology is effective in holding the attention of beginning readers and makes reading instruction feel similar to play time.”

Bonnie Grossen, Ph.D. University of Oregon

“A child who had been causing major concern caught up two years worth of reading progress in under six months. Your work has produced a valuable resource that compliments and reinforces the vital elements of any successful school reading program.”

Principal David Foster, Hunua School

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6 Keys To Early Reading

In the Learning Dynamics Reading System as identified by NICHD

  • Teach direct phonemic awareness.
  • Teach explicit letter-sound correspondence.
  • Teach frequent letter-sound relationships systematically.
  • Demonstrate how to sound out words with letter-sound blending.
  • Use connected, decodable text to practice letter-sound relationship.
  • Read interesting stories to develop language comprehension.
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