A Few Reasons Why Parents Prefer 4 Weeks To Read

The only research-backed, child-tested program at the best price.

Research shows that reading early in life can result in higher scores on intelligence tests and better job opportunities. You want to give your child the best possible reading education, but where do you start? 4 Weeks To Read is research-tested, kid-approved, but how does it stack up against the competition? Here we outline the features of 4 Weeks To Read vs. other reading programs.

4 Weeks
To Read
ABC Mouse Hooked on
Bob’s Books Reading
Includes Physical Books
Time Per Lesson :15 :20 :30
University Backed
Teaches Blending
Used in Schools
Meets NICHD Requirements
Parental Engagement
Money-Back Guarantee 30-DAY 30-DAY TRIAL 2-WEEK TRIAL
Price $69.99 $60 / YEAR $199 $27.95 $124
Price per additional student $18 $60 $199 $27.95 $124

Why 4 Weeks To Read?

The 4 Weeks To Read by Learning Dynamics program has some fundamental differences that make it the stand-out reading program for almost any child. This program’s combination of innovative teaching techniques, full-color books, and more than a decade of testing with actual children makes 4 Weeks To Read the most effective and comprehensive program available.

The cornerstone of what makes 4 Weeks To Read so effective is the 53 full color books that come with every kit. These books are one-of-a-kind and they guide a child through their reading education. The simple 15-minute lesson plans make it easy for anyone to teach a child their first few letters and within the first three weeks a child will read their first book.

4 Weeks To Read by Learning Dynamics program includes four books for every new letter combination they learn so children can build confidence while they practice new concepts. This unique feature of the Learning Dynamics program not only helps your child learn to read, but learn to love reading!

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Research shows that there is no substitute for real books when learning to read. While apps are great at reinforcing concepts, they are too distracting to teach the core principles of reading. Learning Dynamics combines tradition, full-color books with short, multi-sensory lessons so your child can build their library while the build their reading skills.

Reviews from 4 Weeks To Read Customers

Don’t just take our word for it! See how real families have used 4 Weeks To Read to make reading a reality!

University-Backed, Kid-Approved

Based on reports from the National Assessment of Education Progress (NAEP), roughly 1 in 3 fourth graders fail to demonstrate even a partial mastery of reading. Even though we know reading at an early age can improve intelligence test scores and increase job opportunities, reading education is not adequately teaching literacy to a shocking number of children.

Learning Dynamics combines 17 years of field testing with research backed by the University of Oregon, a leader in early childhood education, to create a simple, yet effective reading program. Recommended for children ages 3 to 6, Learning Dynamics guarantees your child will be reading within four weeks or your money back.

Value of Parental Engagement

Research shows that reading together as early as six months can help improve a child’s ability to read. Even compared to playing with toys and watching TV, reading books aloud with children results in a stronger vocabulary and the ability to create more complex sentences.

Another study found that parents engaged more with the child, using comments, questions and answers, with traditional books compared to electronic books. Children also asked and gave more questions and answers with traditional books. This means real books mean better conversations and more learning during reading time.

Learning Dynamics makes it easy to read with your child. Whether you’re working through one of the 15-minute lesson plans, coloring in the workbook, or reading one of the 53 full-color books together, you’re spending quality time that can have a huge effect on your child’s learning.

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