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The 4 Weeks to Read program was built on one woman’s mission to teach the world to read. As a mom of nine and owner of five private preschools, Learning Dynamics founder Cheryl Lant knew first-hand that parents were searching for a successful way to teach their children to read. She was determined to come up with a solution, and spent the next 20 years researching and perfecting a system that was capable of teaching every child how to read.

Reading is one of the most important skills that a child can learn. Cheryl realized early on that it was better to teach children to read before they go to school in order to set them up for future academic success. The unfortunate truth is that more than 75% of students in the United States aren’t reading proficiently by the third grade. Realizing that most reading programs on the market today aren’t designed by teachers and aren’t rigorously tested with children to see if they work to improve reading rates, Cheryl was unsurprised to learn that this statistic hasn’t improved since 1994.

Cheryl wanted a reading program that worked for every single child. She rounded up every reading program she could and tested them on her preschool students. After concluding that none of them were as effective as they could be, Cheryl set out to create her own reading program – one that went beyond simply teaching letters and sounds to teaching children how to string those sounds together into words.

It took 17 years of research and field-testing for Cheryl and her fellow educators to perfect the 4 Weeks To Read System based on how young children actually learn how to read in the classroom. The 4 Weeks to Read system is so effective that 98% of students who complete the course improve at least one grade level. Today, over 500,000 students have successfully completed the program.

For every child entering kindergarten, knowing how to read leads to better academic success, higher graduation rates, and even better job opportunities in the future. The same system used by Cheryl and over 500 school districts across the country is now available to parents.

Cheryl Lant

Founder Learning Dynamics

Cheryl Lant is an educational entrepreneur who founded Learning Dynamics Preschools 35 years ago in Provo, UT. Over 500,000 students have completed the reading program she created with a stunning 98% success rate. She has 9 children and 21 grandchildren.

“When these kids learn how to read, they are 10 feet tall!
They walk around feeling like there’s nothing they can’t do.”


4 Weeks to Read LLC is located at 1510 East 840 North Orem, UT 84097

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