10 Reasons You Haven't Bought 4 Weeks To Read by Learning
Dynamics Yet

We’ve heard many reasons for parents not buying Learning Dynamics. And we get it: there are many reading programs out there, and each paycheck can only go far. So we’re here to put your fears to rest because we know 4 Weeks to Read by Learning Dynamics sets your child up for a lifetime of success.

In fact, if your child doesn’t learn to read at home, they’re more likely to struggle in school, lose confidence, and ultimately fall behind. We believe every child deserves literacy, so we’re here to address the most common reasons we’ve heard for not purchasing in hopes all parents can feel confident about investing in 4 Weeks to Read by Learning Dynamics for their child.

Reason 1 :


Answer: The most common reason for not buying is price… Read More >>

Answer: The most common reason for not buying is price. But consider this: an entire 4 Weeks to Read System costs less than two tutoring lessons from a private tutor. Consider, too, that you’ll be getting 53 full-color books, which ends up costing roughly $2 per book (and there are stickers and activities and other things included, as well). With a single purchase, you’re setting your child up to love reading and experience academic success. And that has benefits beyond just good grades. Think about the long-term effects of early literacy, from college scholarships to higher-paying jobs. In fact, children with a larger amount of books in the home earn 21% more per year as adults than kids who had fewer than ten books in their home.

5-31-19 - Reviews.io

Loving this program. I've been homeschooling my preschoolers and this has given us a perfect language program to follow. The books are such a great value alone. If you look at the bookstore for this amount of early readers, you'll spend just as much as you would on this course and not get any instruction, worksheets or music. So I highly recommend.

- Nicole Todd

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Reason 2 :

My child has a learning disability and I’m not sure this program will work

Answer: Learning Dynamics’ programs work…

Answer: Learning Dynamics’ programs work exceptionally well for all learners, including those with a learning disability, because it utilizes a multi-sensory approach to teaching. We hear great success stories every day from parents of children with learning disabilities. That said, however, every learning disability is different, so the only way to know how well the program works for your child is to give it a shot. That’s why we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. There’s no risk: if the program works, your child will be reading in a month. But if your child doesn’t progress with the program, simply send it back and get a full refund.

4-13-19 - Facebook.com

My oldest son, with mild dyslexia, has been struggling to learn to read. We got him this system in February, by the end of March he was reading fairly well, and now midway through April, he is reading like a pro. He even reads his little brothers a bedtime story every night. Thank you!

- Tanell Marie Donnell

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Reason 3 :

Why do I need to do anything? Isn’t it the school’s job?

Answer: On the surface, it seems reasonable to… Read More >>

Answer: On the surface, it seems reasonable to assume your child's school will teach them to read, but that simply is not the case. Students learn letters and sounds in kindergarten, but not the concepts that go along with reading. Yet, when they get to first grade, there’s an expectation that they should be reading, comprehending, and understanding. This expectation creates a “reading gap,” and it’s a big reason why 75% of kids in America are not proficient readers by the time they enter the first or second grade.

4 Weeks to Read spent 20 years in the classroom with teachers, engaging with thousands of elementary students, to find out what truly works when it comes to bridging the gap between reading readiness and actual reading.

8-15-19 - Reviews.io

My son had already completed kindergarten but needed help bridging the gap from knowing the letter and sounds to actually sounding out words. Because he already had that base knowledge, the letter lessons were very easy and he was able to begin reading within three days!

- Hudson Clark

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Reason 4 :

My child is the wrong age

Answer: If your child is between the ages of 3–7… Read More >>

Answer: If your child is between the ages of 3–7, it’s a perfect fit. If your child is slightly older, 4 Weeks to Read will still be great. We’ve had thousands of parents use the program with children older than 5 who are still struggling to read and they’ve reported great success.

1-18-20 - Reviews.io

We are thoroughly enjoying the program! My 6 yr. old grandson loves the songs and is progressing nicely. He has been an emerging reader (knows letter sounds but had trouble with blending into words) for quite some time. Now he has figured out blends and is building confidence with reading. Highly recommend the program.

- Susan Nowicke

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Reason 5 :

Does it conflict with school curriculum?

Answer: Not at all. In fact…

Answer: Not at all. In fact, 4 Weeks to Read enhances school curriculum, making your child understand and retain information faster. And school districts already know that: that’s why over 400 school districts are currently using 4 Weeks to Read in addition to current school curriculum.

Our reading system provides a foundation of reading, so the school curriculum will make sense to your child. Plus, our 4 Weeks to Read program follows what research has already found is the best way to teach a child to read, so you can rest assured you’re teaching your child in the most beneficial way.

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Reason 6 :

Why can’t I just use an app to save time?

Answer: Reading on a screen doesn’t cut it… Read More >>

Answer: Reading on a screen doesn’t cut it. Studies show that students’ reading comprehension is far higher when they read on paper versus reading on a screen. Plus, apps may be engaging, but they’re also distracting and cause your child to have to refocus constantly. Reading books fosters a love of reading and sets your child up for greater literacy. And here’s a wonderful bonus: reading books together will increase the bond you have with your child. That’s something an app could never do.

8-1-19 - Reviews.io

My 6-year-old daughter wakes up each morning and goes straight to her books and is excited to start her next book. I don’t have to encourage her to read them, she simply wants to. It helps her gain confidence because she’s able to read entire books instead of just a few words out of each book (like many “beginner” books). I love how the books build upon one another. I also love having physical books instead of an app, because we get tired of screens.

- Sara Strano-Triglia

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Reason 7 :

I’m not a teacher, so I’m not sure I’m capable of teaching.

Answer: We designed 4 Weeks to Read for parents… Read More >>

Answer: We designed 4 Weeks to Read for parents. It’s self-guiding and super simple, so as long as you can read, you can teach! It only requires 15 minutes a day for 3 days per week. Thousands of parents just like you have used the system successfully. Plus, you’ll find that it’s not only easy to teach, it’s actually fun. You’ll love being part of your child’s reading experience.

5-31-19 - Reviews.io

The detailed instructions make me less overwhelmed and more excited, which will translate into a fun and stress-free learning experience for my daughter! I’m happy that there are multiple ways for them to learn, visual and auditory tools all included in the pack!

- Heather Gallant

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Reason 8 :

I’m not sure that this program will work. It seems too good to be true.

Answer: We hear you loud and clear: there are… Read More >>

Answer: We hear you loud and clear: there are plenty of programs that make claims but don’t deliver. That’s not us. We’ve spent nearly two decades developing and testing 4 Weeks to Read, and it’s proven to be the missing link in literacy time and time again. School districts all over the United States use our program, and over 500 customers have given us 5-star reviews. And we’re proud to say we’ve helped over 500,000 students become successful readers.

5-15-19 - Facebook.com

I have my Bachelor’s in Social Science with a Concentration in Education. I have been homeschooling for about 11 years and learning to read with an emphasis on reading to learn is important to me. There are tons of “teach your kid to read” curriculum out there and I’ve used many over the years. This one will be the last and final curriculum I purchase and teach from in our family of homeschoolers. I’m am impressed not only with everything included but with the simplicity of execution and how fun it is for parent (or teacher) and the child.

- Crystal Sewell

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Reason 9 :

I don’t understand what comes in the program

Answer: You’ll receive a lesson manual, 53 full-color… Read More >>

Answer: You’ll receive a lesson manual, 53 full-color books, digital music, letter rewards, an activity book, an app, and flashcards. See the full breakdown and description of each component here.

8-19-19 - Reviews.io

We've been using this for only a few weeks, but it has already helped my son's confidence while reading. He enjoys the songs the rewards after finishing a letter. The workbook is easy for him, but would be perfect for the younger age range. The flashcards are great because he is able to spell out more and more words as we add letters to his list. The books it comes with are so useful because they focus on the letters and sounds as you learn them.

- Janine Cox

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Reason 10 :

I don’t understand what the program will accomplish

Answer: 4 Weeks to Read bridges the gap between… Read More >>

Answer: 4 Weeks to Read bridges the gap between learning letters and blending those letters to read actual words. And if your child doesn’t know the letters and their accompanying sounds, the program will teach them. Your child will be reading their first book in roughly 4 weeks, but the full program will last 3 months. Students who complete the Learning Dynamics program read a full year above grade level. That’s an accomplishment!

3-14-19 - Facebook.com

I love Learning Dynamics! I have used this with my 3 oldest children. All of my kids were able to sound out simple words when they were 3 and thanks to this program one of my daughters could read on a 2nd-grade level by the time she started Kindergarten. It is a well laid out program and I love how the stories for each of the letter lessons teach the kids the phonetic sound for that letter. I also love that this is not a huge time commitment each time. This is a great program and I highly recommend it to any mother!

- Kristina Eich

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